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Historic District name:
Warner-Kimball House
54 Main Street
Salisbury, CT 06068


Style: Early American     Circa: 1848

This house was built by Donald J. Warner on land originally part of Stiles Meadow, which he purchased in 1847. He had a distinguished career in the law and was generous in the training of young lawyers. He served in the State Legislature on the Committee of the Judiciary, and was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. After his retirement in 1889 he devoted himself to his personal interests one of which was Broadview Farm on Selleck Hill, Salisbury, which he owned and operated. He died in 1904 leaving the house to his three unmarried daughters. It was inherited by their niece Elizabeth Warner Fulton who made extensive alterations to it. It was left to her son Wells Fulton. From his it passed to Lois Warner thence to Helen Ellsworth and eventually to Richard A. Kimball and Josephine D. Kimball.

Although altered from its original design, it has a pleasant character which contributes to the New England Village atmosphere of the Main Street.


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